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Event Overview

Business continuity has over past few years seen an incredible growth and investment due to rapid IT transformation. Emerging technical developments are continually driving the business continuity industry to respond in an efficient and robust manner. Time is of an essence when it comes to dealing with critical issues, and to strategise the core- business priorities.

We all know that business continuity serves as an oxygen mask to the survival of an Enterprise. Due to rapid Globalisation and recent security incidents, the change managers are now shifting their focus on business continuity not just to create a stable environment for their businesses but also to gain a competitive advantage while increasing the productivity and reducing the costs of their business operations. This poses a serious challenge specially when the income potential is uncertain due to ongoing financial instability.

Having your customers depend on your IT services in order to communicate, purchase, or manage orders is great for your business. It cements customer loyalty as customers willingly bind their processes to yours. But this all breaks apart when your applications or Web sites are suddenly unavailable. An example like this can have an devastating effect on your business and its reputation.

This important event will attempt to investigate how to transform and innovate business continuity processes to ensure no loss of business at all times. The industry leaders with many years of practical experience have been invited to share their expertise in dealing with ongoing challenges and how they managed to succeed in creating value for their investments in this key area. European Central Bank and EU have specially joined forces to collaborate on this dynamic platform.
This event is already generating great deal of interest from potential audiences due to the fact that it is not simply looking into the eye of the problem, but also offering cost effective dimensions to maximise ROI while maintaining productivity and reducing the overheads.

Key Topics                                   
- Evolving Paper based BCM into 21st Century
- Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
- Balancing Risk with Economies of scale
- Dealing with loss of Supplier & Goodwill/ Budget limitation
- Best practices to ensure BC in event of Security breach
- How to manage BC to increase ROI
- Creating synergy between Security & BC
- Value of IT Continuity to BC
- Effect of Merger, Acquisition & Outsourcing on IT Continuity
- Assessing Risks across the Enterprise & Supply Chain
- Protecting the Critical Infrastructure
- 25999 Certification & Compliance
- Live Demos
Transforming your BC function
An increase in e-commerce-related risk broadens the scope of business continuity planning. IT enables competitive advantage to increase return on investment.
Many enterprises are strategically leveraging IT led business innovation to create market competitiveness and produce transformational results charging up business continuity operations. We shall discover through various cutting edge case studies how the leaders are streamlining their systems and processes to generate a core value and to synchronise the critical areas.
Future of Business Continuity
This thought provoking gathering of industry leaders will provide a strong foundation to strategically probe the future of business continuity and to answer key
challenges. In this fast changing World, BCM can influence the right decisions, thus enabling businesses to act decisively when events conspire against the status quo. What is
required is to elevate the art and science of this discipline to the strategic arena and encourage far more strategic thought among its practitioners to look into the future with positive outlook. This is what we are going to initiate through this dynamic & innovative platform.
Key Speakers (In collaboration with leaders in the industry)
Who Should Attend
Director/Senior Vice President/Vice President/
Senior Manager, Head for:
- Business Continuity
- Contingency Planning
- IT Continuity
- Emergency Planning
- IT Risk & Security
- Corporate Risk Management
- Operational Risk
- Corporate Security
- Network Security/ Continuity
Fees: (INCL VAT)
We deliver high quality at a very reasonable price in the industry to accommodate you better and to make sure your investment generates a truly rewarding experience. All our events are focused on an excellent pay back.
Standard Fees ................................................€1995.00
Early Birds ( 15% off upto April 15th 2009 ) .....€1695.00
Associations & Media Partners ( 10% off )....... €1795.00
Venue: 5 Star location in the Heart of Amsterdam
Stadhouderskade 7
1054 ES, Amsterdam
TEL: +3120-6851351
FAX: +3120-6851611
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