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We are a dynamic business intelligence provider, fully engaged in facilitating reinvention and expertise through core business management principals. We work with industry leaders to transform and streamline business strategies to foster growth and innovation in various business industries.

With increasing market turbulence, investor impatience and public cynicism companies need to know how to identify the disposition and faculty required for successful leaders with boundless growth potential. Therefore, we are here to provide value added conferences which integrate knowledge and learning for the next generation of leaders.

Our Business Intelligence platforms attract decision makers and key executives across all markets and geographic regions to combine insight, imagination and innovation.

Our services provide unlimited opportunities for networking and business intelligence, by bringing together key decision makers in a professional and invigorating atmosphere where ideas can flourish.

Corporate Philosophy:
We believe that by bringing together some of the top leaders in the business community and providing a professional thought provoking atmosphere we will achieve incredible success.

As the innovative leader in the conference industry, we are a dynamic and motivated organisation that is proud to fulfill the needs of our customers in an environment that emphasises personal and professional growth.


Mission Statement:
Our core purpose is to provide a quality, value driven platform for industry leaders to meet and be able to put into practice the valuable tools that were gained from our innovative services. We strive to uphold a strong reputation for integrity, professionalism, partnership and ingenuity. Our success is built on a foundation of quality service, strong relationships and value to our customers.

Core Purpose:

To provide cutting-edge business intelligence to our customers, by providing a professional platform to develop their skills and expertise in our ever changing business world.

Core Values:
Good business practices come from good business values. Therefore, we at B2B Europe find it imperative to keep honesty, fairness, integrity, respect, cooperation, teamwork, continuous learning, and improvement through personal and professional growth.

Development Process:
Our research division utilises industry driven research to develop the most relevant conferences in the field, it consists of talented research experts with many years of experience in the conference production and training programs.
Cross-functional research teams bring together a broad range of technical and business expertise from different disciplines, creating a truly value driven experience. Research findings are disseminated via business-to-business
conferences that provide exceptional value

We transform information into knowledge, and knowledge into strategy through our robust research platform.

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